Marcus Lee and Love Astrology

abstract Love Astrology Symbol 200x300 Marcus Lee and Love AstrologyHello, welcome and many thanks for dropping by. My name is Marcus Lee and I ‘d like to open the doors to my relationship insight and love horoscope internet site – I have no doubt you have come to learn more about your romantic future and possibilities in the coming year. With that in mind, I hope your stay will be both pleasurable and thought provoking as you read the horoscope for you.

I’d like to begin with a little clarification – sorry men… and I need to apologise because this site is mostly created for ladies who wish to discover the right man and gain insight into what their men are truly like. Who’s going to be right for you? Who’s most likely to break your heart? Who’s the most likely to be messy in the home? Who will be able to take care of a lot of things? Who will want his own space and lifestyle more than he desires you? Who will be susceptible to temper outbursts? Who has the prospective qualities to develop into a wife-beater? Who will have an eye for the women and may be inclined to wander? I can address all these questions and even more with the Astrology from which I build my love horoscopes.

Personally, I’ve been wed four times; three times unsuccessfully, yet in my wife now I could not want a happier love union. I consider I’m incredibly lucky to have actually discovered the right lady. Against all the probabilities, I Marcus Lee discovered her with astrological dating. It was by complete accident that I came across astrological dating to be fair. In my more youthful years I was highly attracted to the opposite sex for all the wrong reasons and could not see much past the physical side. 3 failed marriages later, I began to understand that I needed an individual who would comprehend me, empathise with me, somebody I could trust, who didn’t want to control me, though there are some guys in the zodiac who in fact look for a domineering female. That said, I chose to try an astrological dating site which matched me with people who were expected to be compatible with me.

Today then I’m extremely happy with my partner and great friend. It was she, many years ago now, who encouraged me that I could possibly have some little talent in matters of the heart and exactly what a reading of the stars can disclose. Over the years I have been approached by lots of (usually  women) who felt I could possibly provide them with some insight into their wife/husband or girlfriend/boyfriend’s personality, temperament and thought processes. From that point I have actually been lucky to be able to make my passion my livelihood and I remain able and willing to offer relationship astrology and tailored horoscope  ideas to numerous clients who seek me out. In this I am really privileged and I intend to share some of my astrology-based ideas with you today.

As you understand I am sure, Astrology (and especially love horoscopes) are significantly centred on motions and positions of astral bodies such as stars, worlds and moons. I have concerned comprehend that while Astrology and a love horoscope can offer understand firm view of future occasions it can provide likely possibilities which can be put to excellent use. I have actually discovered that astrology understanding into a partners character traits and behaviour can be astonishingly real to form and much appreciated by my clients. What, then, is my own star symbol? Well, I’m a Gemini guy and naturally flirtatious with the opposing sex, generally charismatic (I’m told by those I trust) and a person to whom ladies are usually drawn. Exactly what turns me on? I need a lady with a brain, not just a stunning body. I also require a lady who will permit me the liberty to be real to myself. Born under the star indication of Gemini I do have a dual nature. I’m now in a terrific relationship, wed for the fourth time, to a gorgeous, intellectual Libran lady, whom I adore.

As a general guideline, the love horoscope indicators that go well together are the aspects that sit together naturally. Therefore, Air and Fire symbols go well together because without air, fire can not burn. Similarly, Earth and Water signs are good as a couple since earth can contain water and earth demands water in order not to become dry.

The site is arranged by the zodiac groupings so look over the menus to your left and select your zodiac sign. Remember, this is the sign of a prospective relationship – a date, partner or husband…not your own personal sign.

You’re here with me today due to the fact that you want the future horoscope path and your romantic relationship fate revealed. You are most likely eager to know about the existing or possible future guy in your life and what is likely to happen in your love life in 2014 and beyond? Read on with my love horoscopes for your sign and you will have some thoughts to consider about a prospective partner.