Love Horoscopes for 2014

Aquarius Love Horoscope 2014

Aquarius Love Compatibility – January 21st to February 19th

aquarius Aquarius Love Horoscope 2014Aquarius Love Horoscope 2014 readings show that 2014 will generally be a positive year for the Aquarius guy. He will be inclined towards experimentation in relationships although he will also be under a lot of pressure at work, so may not have the time to indulge his fantasies completely. If you are currently with an Aquarian man, be prepared for some time apart due to his work commitments. This guy will always relish some time on his own, so be sure not to crowd him out, particularly when his working life is so busy. Despite his preoccupation with learning new skills, meeting targets, meeting deadlines in work and taking part in more networking which will involve him in a lot of travel away from home, he will still have the needs of his woman on his mind. He may even surprise you with exceptionally romantic gestures that you were not expecting. My love horoscope looks to be very reliable in this aspect and you can definitely expect a surprise or two from the Aquarius individual.

Aquarians are rarely frivolous where relationships are concerned. True, he may have detachment issues, but you can rest assured that he will always take his love life very seriously.  If you are looking for commitment from him, the summer months look particularly favourable. If he is single, he could easily meet a highly compatible mate in the late spring, early summer months. It is likely to be a meeting of minds at first that would develop into something more physical later on.

My 2014 Aquarius love horoscope tells me that if you are involved with an Aquarius man, you can guarantee that his feelings are genuine and can be confident in your relationship with him. This man won’t mess you about in 2014. There is too much at stake and he would find mind games particularly irksome. The most romantic months appear to be in the summer. Friends and family will be very supportive and communication will be excellent. His love horoscope shows that he will be spiritually inclined this year so watch out for additional reading and research into spiritual matters.