Love Horoscopes for 2014

Cancer Love Horoscope 2014

Cancer Romance Astrology – June 22nd to July 23rd

cancer Cancer Love Horoscope 2014It has become clear to me from assembling my Cancer love horoscope 2014 that the coming year will be a bit of a roller-coaster of a time for the Cancer man. There are dramatic changes in his career but also, later in the year, evidence of spiritual growth which will have impact on his love life and attitude towards others with whom he shares an emotional connection. 2014 could be a testing time for relationships as pressures at work build up and the Cancer man feels his resources being drained. The Cancer man may feel hemmed in by over-pushy females who fall prey to his irresistible charms in the early months of the year. From my horoscope, you can be sure that he will be looking for a way out if he feels compromised. If you are married to a Cancer man, my horoscope suggests you should watch his moods very carefully in the summer months as he may be experiencing an overwhelming longing for another female. Although he will outwardly show a calmness of demeanour, inwardly he may be grappling with intense feelings that he cannot reconcile. Cancer men usually have an eye for the ladies and like a fresh natural look in their women.

If you want to draw him to you, wear silver in the moonlight. If he is single, the Cancer man may find it hard to fight the attraction he feels for one lady who has become the object of his desires. Her predicted rejection of him will cause him either to become cold, unselfish and unfeeling or make him discover a new path which will help focus him on his own personal growth. If he is married, be prepared for some secretive behaviour. It won’t be easy to catch him out but if you do, you will have to take the consequences. Unless you have a particularly strong relationship, this intrusion could cause irreversible damage which will be very hard to manage. My love horoscope shows strongly that Cancer men can be particularly unyielding and unforgiving even if they are the ones to blame.

My 2014 horoscope advice would be to  leave well alone and look for love elsewhere. Allow him time to indulge in his fantasies, time to get his head round this unrequited love and time to decide that the best course of action is to move on. Sometimes it is better to weather the storm and not worry about circumstances that could hurt and even destroy you.

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