Love Horoscopes for 2014

Gemini Love Horoscope 2014

Gemini Love Astrology Insights – May 22nd to June 21st

gemini Gemini Love Horoscope 2014Gemini man has the potential to find true and lasting love and happiness this year. This is one of the strongest indicators I have seen in my love horoscope for 2014. A soul mate connection could easily come his way. For once, it is extremely likely that Gemini man, who can be so wrapped up with intellectual things that he misses the most obvious signs, will be very much in tune with his romantic life. For one thing, he will be more observant than usual. He will take note and openly comment on attractive features of the opposite sex. He will notice the silkiness of your hair, comment on your pleasing new outfit, cast his eyes over your shapely legs and he may even glance appreciatively at your cleavage, not that he is particularly drawn to women who display themselves in an obvious manner. This male likes subtle. His most compatible lady is Libran, but that is not to say he wouldn’t achieve lasting happiness with an outspoken and racy Aries lady or indeed a spiritual, if sometimes detached Aquarian lady. It is clearly indicated that he will be magnetically drawn to a compatible mate, possibly of fairish complexion, who will totally captivate him. You can bet she will challenge him intellectually and both mentally and physically which could provide the spark for true love.

My horoscope shows that Gemini man is master of the spoken word and is capable of telling the most entertaining and witty stories. He can make you laugh and cry at the same time. Born with the gift of the gab, also the gift of satire, this man can talk himself both into and out of any situation.

The coming year’s horoscope implies that married Gemini men will be extremely fertile this year and there are indications to suggest he will want to father children…so bear that in mind. Indeed, he may become slightly obsessed with the desire to become a dad. Having fathered the children, ensured they are stimulated mentally, leaving you to cater for their physical needs, he will then focused on his own intellectual pursuits and may engage in a further course of personal study.

If you are interested in a Gemini man then use this knowledge to pursue your quarry – my love horoscope 2014 shows it is the perfect year to do so.

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