Love Horoscopes for 2014

Pisces Love Horoscope 2014

Pisces Relationship Astrology – February 20th to March 20th

pisces Pisces Love Horoscope 2014My love horoscope studies show that if you are in love with a Pisces man, be prepared for a lovely year with lots of fun and social gatherings. Your man will be charged with positivity and full of ideas. If you are married, the whole family will benefit from his energy, optimism and confidence. Nothing will be too much trouble for him and he will soothe your worries away with his own rosy perspective on life. The future looks very bright with the Pisces man in 2014. His positivity will be infectious.

If he is single, the Pisces man will be more discerning in love than he usually is my horoscope shows. He will flirt a lot and be very attractive to the opposite sex. He may reel you in with his sheer sexual magnetism and prowess. Be warned. He will probably not have wedding bells on his mind this year, but he will be enormous fun to be with. If you are a Water sign or an Earth sign lady, this man would suit you down to the ground… and he is worth waiting for. If you are born under the elements of Air or Fire, then, in the longer term, he may not be the right one for you. Remember, this man is capable of being anything you want him to be and he can play any role with convincing and persuasive adeptness.

The most romantic months appear to be early in the year. The Pisces man may be rather preoccupied by his career as 2014 passes and the summer months suggest that a dream opportunity in employment could come his way. Although he is capable of making grand romantic gestures and making you feel you are the most important thing in his world, he may be less inclined to spend large amounts of cash on you in 2014. Rather he will be preoccupied by investments and spending his money wisely. He may even be less inclined towards alcohol.

My Pisces love horoscope for the coming year suggests a romantic and fund year ahead. Grasp it while you can and make the most of your actual or potential Pisces partner.

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